WTH!? 2016: What the Hell on Earth

Art by Vita Price


What the Hell!? Con is run by Guilford College Yachting Club (the "geek" club) students annually in the Spring. This year it will land on March 4-6 2016. It is a multi-genre convention, so you should feel comfortable cosplaying as anything you wish, or showing up in street clothes, and there are usually events relating to many different nerdy interests, regardless of the con theme.

For a rundown of the events we typically run during the convention, see the events page. You can also download our current schedule, though it is subject to change as we grow nearer to con-time.

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The Meme Queen
Our Guest of Honor, Kylee Henke.
aka "The Meme Queen"

This years' convention theme has been chosen! The theme is apocalyptic in style (aesthetically, you can think Mad Max, Borderlands, Fallout, The Walking Dead, really any kind of end-of-the-world scenario you can dream of) and titled "What the Hell!? On Earth" as all hell is breaking loose!

We've got four con-runners this year, your four horsemen of the apocalypse: Katie Holland (War), Rachel Cave (Death), Aron Correa (Famine), and Laura Navey (Pestilence).

Main Guest

The "Meme Queen" Kylee Henke

Kylee's Links: Tumblr and YouTube

Kylee is a digital artist, voice actor, singer, and comedian who is well-known in the online community as "The Meme Queen." She is the Lead Artist at Valorous Games and is an animator and professional memer. She will come all the way from Seattle to be at our convention!

Kylee will be present at our opening ceremonies and will have a table for art sales during the convention. You'll probably see her walking around and enjoying the convention during times that she isn't scheduled for her Saturday panel.

Panel scheduled for Saturday, March 5th at 5:00 with time for interaction afterwards.

Annual Geek Auction

Our annual Geek Auction takes place Saturday night before the night's-end dance. During the auction, con attendees bid on dances or crafts from cosplayers. It's a great, fun way to give money to charity, and a tradition we're really proud of.
All winning bids in the Geek Auction will be sent to Child's Play charity.

Child's Play

How to Attend

While this is a student-run event at a college, the convention is open to everyone! No prior registration is needed, but we do love to hear that you are excited to come! You can send us an email to wthcon@gmail.com and let us know.

Image by Allison Stalberg
Photograph by Allison Stalberg

We hope to see you!